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Conditions concerning the use of content from

No part of the publications on this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (be this electronically, mechanically, through photocopy or recording, or otherwise) without either prior written permission or a license permitting restricted copying and use for a third party, from the publisher/editor in chief of Managementsite BV.

  1. The copyright of the contributions on Managementsite BV belongs to Managementsite BV and the individual authors.  All other intellectual property rights, including rights to the database of collected information on the Managementsite BV, rest solely with Managementsite BV.
  2. The use of (parts of) the contributions on Managementsite BV, including news media, is not allowed without prior written consent from Managementsite BV.  The copyright is expressly reserved, as indicated in Article 15 of Auteurswet 1912 (Copyright Law 1912). 
  3. A visitor to this website is permitted to forward contributions to relatives and acquaintances.  In no other way may he/she publicize, reproduce, distribute or make available to a network without prior written consent from the Editorial Staff of Managementsite BV. 
  4. Establishing a hyperlink or a deep link to the website is certainly allowed, unless it involves a framed deep link or framed link by which the contributions are loaded in the frames of a website other than that of Managementsite BV or the impression is given in any other way that the contributions originate from elsewhere than Managementsite BV. Linking to the content on Managementsite BV to such an extent that a site is outfitted with an appreciable amount of the content of Managementsite BV is only permitted upon written consent of the Editorial Staff of  Managementsite BV.
  5. Permission for publication on internet sites with whom Managementsite BV does not have an agreement will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  6. The Editorial Staff of Managementsite BV puts a great deal of concern into the selection and editing of the contributions on its website. Managementsite BV cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy of the contributions and assumes no responsibility in this regard. Readers who take the accuracy of the contributions for granted do so entirely at their own risk and responsibility. 
  7. The Editorial Staff of Managementsite BV does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in the contributions on its website. Readers’ responses to the contributions on Managementsite BV are directly posted in the interactive space of each contribution but are first being screened by the editorial staff. Readers are also able to directly post columns. They are being reviewed to the Code of conduct. The editorial staff reserves the right to remove (commercial or inappropriate) submissions without giving their reasons.
  8. The Editorial Staff of Managementsite BV cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the content of websites to which its site is linked. We also cannot guarantee that these links will always be available and that the content of the page(s) in question will remain unaltered..
  9. The Editorial Staff of Managementsite BV has checked all of its contributions for viruses, but cannot guarantee that downloaded contributions do not contain viruses and assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred (directly and/or indirectly) in this regard.
  10. Use of the website of Managementsite BV implies that the visitor has read the conditions above and is in agreement with them.

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