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Editorial Staff

Information for authors

Introduction aims to serve as a platform for current developments within the field of people, management and organisation.  For professionals, by professionals!  We invite you to submit your own ideas to  The following information provides you with some guidance in this regard.  Writing for the internet is different.  Moreover, Managementsite has a particular format it would like to be followed.  This concerns the following points:

  • Concise, without wasting words, clear and engaging from the start.
  • Describe familiar, concrete problems and developments.  Preferably with a number of examples.  No lists with theoretical points.
  • Only use theories and models to connect practical examples with each other.  A model should be used to show 'the forest through the trees'.

You'll find the format of and points of note for authors outlined below in more detail. 
The site allows users to exchange information about its articles.  In this way, writers can receive direct feedback from readers.  No compensation is given for publications on our site.  Contributions may also be posted on other sites with which has an agreement.  For further information, please see Conditions for Posting. To ensure the quality of submissions, each subject area is served by an editor who is a specialist in the field.  At the moment, 16 subject areas have been outlined.

On the Editorial page you'll find an outline of the various fields and their respective editors. Please submit your contribution to the appropriate editor and the editorial secretary.  If none of the available sections seem appropriate, send it to the Main Editorial Staff by way of the Editorial Secretary.

If your contribution is more like a column, you can post it directly via 'Your Column', without it having to undergo review by the Editorial Staff.  All columns, that stick to our Code of conduct, are taken. Publishing does not mean there fore that the Editorial staff agrees with the text. Also the responses to the columns and the responses to content in the headings are placed this way. Managementsite hopes to utilize the interactive possibilities of the electronic magazine format to its fullest.  For professionals, by professionals!

Contributions to a section have to satisfy requirements stated in Info voor Authors and are reviewed every time by the editor(s).  Info for Authors is intended for these contributions.


The format of the site can be shortly summed up with the following key concepts:

  • Current/critical, Take an Angle
  • Constructive, i.e. indicate “How To”
  • No Summaries or Overviews concerning Existing Fare
  • Instead, New Ideas/Developments/Applications
  • No Theory, for Application in Real Situations
  • Always Accessible to Managers/Professionals
  • Include Examples, Preferably with Illustrations

This makes for a tighter style of writing.  Internet surfers typically find articles long-winded, as it is.  In order to further focus the site’s identity and to provide authors with more clarity, we’ve come up with the following rules of thumb:

  • No beating around the bush, get right to the point. What is this article about?  What is your message?
  • Make the relevance of your article clear.  Ask yourself now and then, “So what?”  Where’s this all heading?  What does the reader have a better grasp of now?  No generalities and definitely no mere rephrasing of already-existing ideas.
  • Always begin with practical examples.  Clearly state your article’s specific problem or question at the very beginning.  Always explain your approach with examples (e.g. in the form of short ‘boxes’).  In other words, no bulletpoint lists!  Step-by-step plans, guidelines, models and concepts only serve a purpose on this site if they connect concrete issues and make them easier to understand.  Please stick to this rule!

Take up on new developments; raise criticism about common practices, while remaining factual and constructive (“Is there an alternative?”).  Don’t avoid the dramatic; make it easy for someone to respond; poke or provoke a little bit if needs be!  If possible, capitalise on the current state of affairs.  This notion of “capitalising on the now” is one of the attractive possibilities of Managementsite  because of how quick the process is for posting articles.

The use of visuals is strongly recommended.  Diagrams, drawings, cartoons, illustrations and book covers make everything more attractive.  Content isn’t the only important thing—the ‘look and feel’ of the pages are just as important!  See the following section concerning layout. 


The length of the article is an important criterium.  The maximum length is 2,000 words, though this is only in exceptional cases—most preferably much shorter, i.e. 1,500!  If this isn’t possible, then divide it into two separate articles that are able to stand on their own.
Clearly dividing sections with a number of headings is necessary.  Internet-users are ‘scanners’.  A nice outline and a succinct, accessible and compact body are essential elements.  This medium calls for another style of writing and layout.  The various sections should always be outlined at the beginning of the article, immediately following the title.  “Summary/Conclusion” must always be one of the section-headings.

Either include your pictures within the body of the text or send them separately.  Keep in mind that only text and figures within a certain bandwidth can be posted.  Figures should be no larger than 400 pixels.  Make sure that they are still legible!  Include a short resume (max 30 words) at the end of the article.

Please compose this yourself and send it to the editorial secretary.  Don’t forget to include your e-mail address and telephone number so that the editorial secretary can contact you in case problems arise with the layout, for instance.  And finally, we request that you send articles in the form of Word documents. 


Please send contributions to both the editor of the appropriate section (located at the top of each section page) and the editorial secretary.  After it’s been approved, the contribution will be posted within a couple of weeks. With this in mind, be careful when making reference to time.


All contributions to can be responded to directly.  Please encourage your readers to make use of this possibility.  Round your article off with conclusions in the form of arguments that provoke a response.  This is one of the most interesting aspects of this medium: direct feedback and responses from the author.  Authors will receive an automatic e-mail message if someone has responded to their article.  Please respond to these as soon as possible.  This interaction is very important to Managementsite—it is an interactive cyberzine.  If this is something you’re not interested in, we’d rather that you not contribute.  The hundreds of reader responses we receive show just how well the forum works.  That’s one of the great things about Managementsite.  It’s plain to see that a particular writing style can inspire interaction.  Readers don’t just automatically respond.  Familiar problems, concrete applications and clear arguments help.  The guidelines for authors, outlined above, provide a more detailed explanation of this.  Clear conclusions and/or arguments will ultimately make it easier and more inviting for others to respond. 

Conditions for Posting Contributions

Introduction is flourishing, with more than 16,500 subscribers receiving weekly e-mail updates.  Roughly 80,000 web-users visit our site each month, tallying up 300,000 pageviews.  These numbers are an indication of how Managementsite has become one of the most important mediums for high-quality, professional information.  Moreover, it’s quickly developing into heavily–visited, one-of-its-kind interactive forum.  For professionals, by professionals!  And what’s especially appealing—to readers and writers alike—is the opportunity for both parties to direct interact with each other. 
Hundreds of responses have come in; most authors reply to these promptly.  Interaction is also encouraged by the Readers-Top-10, as well as by the possibility readers have to post their own columns concerning recent developments and events. 

Managementsite’s success has brought considerable expenses along with it.  Hosting and data traffic, heavier servers, and better content management systems.  Editors and authors are not compensated for their work.   The magazine is able to continue operating thanks to our sponsors and the revenue made from selling the content of our website to other sites.  Through the sale of this content, we hope to be able draw in sufficient funds. 

Copyright and Internet Rights

The copyright of the contributions on is owned by Managementsite BV.  This applies to all contributions that have been posted by the Editorial Staff.  It does not apply to those columns—and the responses they produce—submitted by readers in the interactive sections.  Publication on internet sites with which Managementsite BV doesn’t have an agreement will only be granted in exceptional cases.  Webmasters sometimes have the tendency to indiscriminately copy articles and place them on their own website, with or without contacting the author involved.  And in a few instances, attempts have been made to transfer entire sections in this way, without the knowledge of  Managementsite BV is strongly opposed to this kind of action.  What’s more, the content is already easily accessible.  Access and hyperlinking is free (see the Conditions of Use).  Support Managementsite B.V.’s attempts to maintain their internet rights to the contributions on

Conditions for posting contributions:

  1. The author retains the copyright to his/her contribution and grants an exclusive licence to Managementsite B.V for the use of his/her contributions.  This licence encompasses all of the copyright-associated authorisation in all countries of the world, under which it’s understood that the authorisation regarding the contribution in question—whether or not from a database—concerns exploitation in any form, including but not limited to the digital form and the on-line availability on the internet.
  2. The author guarantees Managementsite BV that he/she is fully-qualified and authorised to grant said licence above under point 1, and that he/she has not granted any licence or other form of copyright authorization concerning the contribution to a third party.  The author guarantees that no third party has rights to the contribution as outlined in the Copyright Law 1912.
  3. Managementsite BV is authorised to extend its rights, as enumerated under point 1, to a third party (fully or partially).
  4. Contributions will be posted on and third-party sites with which Managementsite BV has an agreement.  The author’s name will be given along with all posted contributions.
  5. Upon receiving written permission from Managementsite B.V., authors may publish their contributions elsewhere—under the provision that these appear with the following source acknowledgment: “Earlier published on”.
  6. Before posting, authors are always referred to Conditions for Posting Contributions.  These conditions are easily accessible via the main page of 
  7. Managementsite B.V. is at liberty to amend these Conditions for Posting Contributions as seen fit.
  8. Dutch law applies to these Conditions for Posting Contributions.
  9. With the submission of material for publication on Managementsite BV, the author is declaring that he/she has read the Conditions for Posting Contributions and is in agreement with them. 

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