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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek
Prof. Dr E. van de Bunt
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Editorial Staff


This is ratecard of Managementsite.  We make the following information available:

Target group
Options & Costs

Managementsite is a high-quality knowledge-center in the field of Management Problems.  At the present, there are more than 400 contributions accessible and online instruments for analysing the quality of management and organization, personal assessments tools and numerous reviews.

Managementsite has been around for six years and is an independent publication of Managementsite BV.  Experts in 14 subject areas make up the Editorial Staff.  Every one of these is recognised within his/her respective field.  Submissions are closely examined by the Editorial Staff.

Format supports managers and professionals through the exchange of knowledge and experience. 

  • Current/critical, Take an Angle
  • Constructive, i.e. indicate “How To”
  • No Summaries or Overviews concerning Existing Fare
  • Rather, New Ideas/Developments/Applications
  • Always Accessible to Managers/Professionals

Target group

Managementsite is oriented towards directors, (top)managers, consultants and professionals at a high decision-level in every branch.

The high degree of involvement of the web-visitors owes itself to the opportunity for interaction between readers and authors and the readers themselves on the site.  The interactive character of Managementsite also strengthens the feeling of personal involvement.  Visitors will return to see if someone’s responded to their own column, article or review.
This means that the average surf-time spent per page on the site is much greater than on other sites.  A visitor spends an average of 8 minutes on  The value of advertising on the site is therefore quite high.


The site dutch version generates 85,000 visitors and roughly 300,000 pageviews* per month.  Managemensite has approximately 30,000 members.  (*The pageviews are fewer than the site traffic suggests.  This is the case because the content isn’t spread over very many pages.  We’ve done this in order to keep the site as user-friendly as possible.  Prices are adjusted to reflect this.) The database of subscribers is divided by subject area, function, branch and organization size.

We keep the database up-to-date by removing any member’s e-mail address that has bounced our newsletter three times.

General Manager – 9.5%
Higher Management – 12%
Management Assistant – 8.8%
Middle Management – 12.4%
Operational Management – 8,2%
Executive – 6.5%
Project manager/ Consultant – 26,8%
Teacher/ Trainer – 3,9%
Student – 11,8%

Stategy - 27,3%

Research & Development - 25,4%
Financial - 7,4%
Marketing - 5,6%
Sales - 4,4%
Purchasing & Logistics - 3,8%
Production - 3,8%
Facilitating Management - 2,1%
Student - 8,2%
ICT - 5,4%
HRM - 7,2%

The percentages of men and women who visit the site are 71.5% and 28.5%, respectively.

Options & Costs offers various possibilities for advertising and/or marketing campaigns.  These are divided into three groups:

1 Banners.

 Nummer & naam Locatie Formaat CPM
1   Topbanner At the top next to the logo 468x60 € 50
2   Tophalfbanner At the top next to the logo 234x60 € 25
3   Bluebeamsky In the left blue beam 600x60
4   Bluebeambuttom In the left blue beam 120x60 € 30
5   Advertorial On top of all articles X € 100
6   Synopsisbanner1 First banner between the synopsis 468x60
7   Synopsisbanner2 Second banner between the synopsis 468x60 € 40
8   Synopsisbanner3 Third banner between the synopsis 468x60 € 30
9   Synopsisbanner4 Fourth banner between the synopsis 468x60 € 30
10 Synopsisbanner5 Fifth banner between the synopsis 468x60 € 30
11 Yellowbeambutton In the right yellow beam  120x60 € 30
12 Yellowbeambutton2 In the right yellow beam 120x60 € 30
13 Articlebanner Between the articles 336x280
14 Popupbanner A pop up 468x60 € 30

Training institutes and congress organizers can count on a 30% discount and more on there added value of the advertisement. Consultants and other service providers can also advertise in the Consultancy guide. For this you can submit an application here. Recognised media agencies are entitled to a discount of 15%.  Extra discounts are possible with combination contracts and large-scale contracts (>100,000 views). Prices do not include 19% VAT. 

2. Newsletter
Advertisements (misspelling Nederlands text) of 50 words and a hyperlink or banner in the newsletter: € 100 per 1,000 members.  The newsletter is sent out weekly to the subscribers.

3. Marketing Campaign
Marketing Campaign via e-mail: Price upon request

The advanced mail system, Measuremail, makes it possible to run a marketing campaign directed towards our subscribers.  This is carried out in cooperation with our technical partner, TDX. 

Marketing Campaign on the site: Price upon request
Space will be made for your Marketing Campaign on  This is carried out in cooperation with our technical partner, TDX. 

Concepts can certainly be developed and implemented along with Managementsite. Combining the options above is possible.  If you have another idea in mind, we’d be happy to discuss it with you Action marketing per mailop phone.   


Managementsite BV
Commercieel manager: Willem Mastenbroek Jr
Adres:   Spuistraat 36c
1012 TT Amsterdam
Email:    Willem Mastenbroek Jr.
Tel:    +316 - 55362636

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